Going The Day WIthout Electronics

For many kids, SUMMER means freedom. Freedom to sleep in and hang around most of the day. With the way technology is evolving,  we don't see many of them without electronic devices of some sort. It's easy to see how they can become so involved in them. As adults, we have the same problem with putting down the phone or stepping back from the computer.

Now here goes the "when we were your age" part.. we didn't have the option  to sit inside all summer. I'm not sure about your neighborhood but in mine we were told to go outside. We would wake up, race out the door to see what friends were already out there. You knew when you had to go in b/c the  streetlights would be on or your parents would be yelling your name. I would always be jealous of the kids that got to stay out a little later.

Fast-forward life to my kids... they wake up and walk right to the computer. They will stay at the computer until you remove them. (usually with a struggle). The kids I would sit for in the summer would complain there was NOTHING to do when they were told to go outside. Mind you there were 2 acres of land (including the neighbors yard), every piece of sporting equipment you could imagine, bikes and plenty more to do. Yet after 15mins, I would find them sitting on the porch looking miserable with cellphones in their hands.

After the 1st week of summer, I could no longer take it. The fix... I sat each kid down and had them give me 10 things they'd like to do ( less kids increase amount) and I would sort them onto colored paper. Categories included, places to go, things to make (snacks/crafts/meals) and things to do. I rolled each paper up and picked from the last 2 categories during the week and places to go when we everyone together. Everything on the list was also free of electronics and you could not use one during the time. Each day we did a few of the activities BUT they still had video games/TV time.

As the next couple weeks passed, I noticed them expressing more excitement about going outside. Now it was my time to step back into the picture once I knew I wouldn't hear "I'm bored" every couple minutes. The activities we made were no longer being used and I was setting things up for the day. Summer isn't very long and as a kid (or adult), that's when you should make lots of memories. Since they were no longer dependent on electronic devices it was time to make my move.

Go The Whole Day Outside and NO Electronics

I will admit I did use my phone to take a couple pics (Capture the memory, don't interrupt it). Some of the things we did outside... set up targets around the yard with different obstacles for a nerf gun target challenge, relay races, smores by a fire, water balloon fights, and different sporting games like basketball and soccer. At one point the kids wondered off into the woods to build a fort. Yup I really just said that. The 15 mins and bored kids were now actually BEING KIDS and not zombies.

In this fast moving world, we tend to loose site of the little things. I can tell you it was just as tough for me to cut down as it was for them. This summer I encourage you to pick at least 1 day, where you go outside for the day and just ENJOY it without the distraction of  any electronics. Make and capture memories to look back on. One day the kids will be gone and you'll have are the memories.


Out of the Fog: Post-Divorce Coping Strategies When Your Children's Father Has a Personality Disorder [Kindle Edition] Book Review Review

Disclosure: I got this product as part of an advertorial.

It's been a awhile (around Christmas) since I've put up a post for my readers. During this time I should share, that 2 days after Thanksgiving my husband came to me and asked the kids and I to leave. The thoughts that go through a wife/mothers head when they hear this before Christmas..is unimaginable. Lucky for me, I had wrote a lot of post and made some money so I had enough to get my 4 & 5 yr old Christmas gifts.

At the time I was a little confused on how a father could do this to his kids before the holidays. It didn't take more than 3 days for me to realize he had a girlfriend and all the pieces started to fall together. I was never angry about it not working out with us, I was angry at the way he was treating the kids.

Once he moved us into a 1 bedroom apart (he lives in a 5 bed home), I figured it was time to start back posting. The 1st offer for a review I received was ....

 2 Out of the Fog: Post-Divorce Coping Strategies When Your Children's Father Has a Personality Disorder [Kindle Edition] Book   

Lisa Kroulik, Freelance Writer

About The Author and Product

" Ending a marriage or a serious relationship is never easy, especially when children are involved. Even in the most amicable of break ups, people are certain to experience intense emotions like anger and sadness. When the former partner is a narcissist or has another serious personality disorder, moving on from the relationship is especially challenging. People who finally found the courage to leave their emotionally abusive partner may feel discouraged by having to remain in contact with him due to the kids. These exchanges can be as crazy making as they were when the victim of emotional abuse still lived with her former partner.

Author Lisa Kroulik divorced a narcissist over five years ago and lived to tell about it. As with her previous books, she uses an example from her own past relationship to show readers the types of situations they may encounter while attempting to co-parent with someone who has a personality disorder. Before doing so, she offers a helpful guide on the ten known personality disorders to assist women who are emotionally struggling in the aftermath of ending an unhealthy relationship. It is affirming for readers to know there is a name to describe the way their children's father still behaves.

After highlighting the characteristics of each personality disorder, the author discusses situations she has dealt with in the years since her divorce from her children's father. Recently separated readers may find themselves nodding in agreement, or they may remember the story later when their former partner attempts the exact same thing. Some of the topics Lisa Kroulik discusses include:

• Dealing with the ex's new girlfriend
• Communication tips when dealing with the personality disordered
• Child support challenges
• Providing children tools to handle their father's emotional manipulation
• Relationships with former in-laws
• Getting past feelings of hate

The author offers readers practical advice on what to do in these common situations without giving power to the former partner. She takes a humble, been there and done that approach to everything she shares in this book. Rather than count down the days until their child becomes an adult, readers can learn to detach from the crazy and enjoy life. After all, it is pointless to leave an emotionally abusive relationship only to continue the cycle in post-divorce parenting."

This book has definitely helped and I would fully recommend it, if dealing with any of the issues above. You can find it on Amazon

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