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Off To College But Not Out Of Reach -Guest Post by Josh Lovison CEO of @SnugNote

Have a son or daughter off at college, and anxious to know they're doing okay? Here's a few things to keep in mind to help you stay informed.


Shift the conversation

One of the biggest challenges for parents after their kids leave for college is finding the right balance in communication. The best way to stay informed is from your kid directly - and here's two tricks to help smooth that conversation.


1. Try discussing things going on back home. Sharing information first opens the door for reciprocity, and makes a conversation flow more easily.


2. Validate your student's experience instead of using judgment phrasing. If your student confesses being stressed out about a test, some parents might rightly point out that the student could have better prepared. But by simply validating the stress instead of trying to "fix" it, you'll keep your student from going on defense, and keep the communication channel open.


Both of these techniques are employed by trained listeners, from psychologists to FBI interrogators.


Use social media

While "cyber-stalking" your student is never a good idea, there are some ways to stay in the know about what's going on in their lives.


1. Keep up a weekly email exchange with your student. More than a week may be a bit too much work, but one email a week isn't too much to ask, and will leave room for a summary of events.


2. Follow the school's Twitter and Facebook pages. A lot of colleges have social media accounts for events at the school, and residential activities. Following these accounts will let you know when there are going to be concerts or other interesting things happening on campus, which creates the opportunity for informed (but not invasive) questions.


Specialized solutions

One of the best ways to stay informed without seeming like a helicopter parent is to use a solution designed exactly for that.


SnugNote  makes it extremely easy for your student to check in each night with reminders and a 5 second check-in. It sends you a report each morning that lets you know your student got home safe, but keeps the time they check-in secret, so that you can have peace of mind without your student feeling like they are giving up their privacy.


 Article written by Josh Lovison

Frank Giustra, President Bill Clinton's Close Colleague, Joins US Oil Sands Board By @Steve_Horn1022


Frank Giustra - key power broker and close colleague of former President Bill Clinton - has taken a seat on the Board of Directors of U.S. Oil Sands, an Alberta-based company aiming to develop tar sands deposits in Utah's Uintah Basin.
U.S. Oil Sands - in naming several new members to its Board - also announced it has received $80 million in "strategic financing" from Blue Pacific Investments Group Ltd., Anchorage Capital Group, L.L.C. and Spitfire Ventures, LLC.
The funding will help get the ball rolling on "tar sands south," a miniature but increasingly controversial version of its big brother to the north, the Alberta tar sands. Giustra will likely help in opening the right doors for tar sands industry interests in the United States. 
Giusta is best known for his work in the worlds of uranium mining and minerals mining, though he has dabbled in the Alberta tar sands finance world once before,lending upwards of $20 million in capital to Excelsior Energy. He serves as CEO and President of Fiore Financial Corporation. 
The Clinton Giustra Sustainable Growth Initiative is an arm of the Bill, Hillary, and Chelsea Clinton Foundation (the Clinton Foundation). Giustra sits on the Clinton Foundation's Board of Trustees.
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Upcoming @educents Deals Starting Oct 7 th 2013

Clifford Science Kits
Deal Start Date:
 October 7th
Educents Price: $39.00
Discount: 35%
Potential Affiliate Commission: $3.90
Deal Preview: For 50 years, kids of all ages have loved the Clifford the Big Red Dog books by
 Norman Bridewell. Celebrate Clifford’s birthday with three science kits featuring the loveable
 big dog, at a discount for the first time!
P.S. Are you a part of our blogger network, but not an affiliate?  Click here to join our affiliate program. 
Or are you an affiliate, but not a part of our blogger network?  Click here to join our blogger network. 


   Clifford Science Kits
                 From The Young Scientists Club
          For 50 years, kids of all ages have loved the
Clifford the Big Red Dog books by Norman Bridewell. We are celebrating Clifford’s birthday with three science kits featuring the loveable big dog, and we’re offering the entire series at a discount for the first time (plus a great bonus game)! The Clifford Science Series includes:
Clifford The Big Red Dog Bubble Science
Dogs love to chase bubbles and even giant sized ones know there's some intriguing science
behind the bouncy balls. Emily Elizabeth, the narrator in the colorful 20 page manual, guides
young scientists through exciting experiments with catchy titles such as oil and water, water
bubbles, jumping pepper, gliding boat, bubble sculptures, big bubbles, mini bubbles, funnel
bubbles, colored bubbles, bubble prints, bubble blow art, pipe cleaner bubbles, and carbon
dioxide bubbles.
Young Scientists will feel like real scientists when they use the included
colorful lab tray, measuring cup, and funnel to perform their experiments!
Join Clifford and his friends on an adventure into the world of science.
Clifford The Big Red Dog Rainbow Science
There won't be a pot of gold at the end of these experiments but knowledge is golden as
Clifford explores the world of rainbow science.
Emily Elizabeth narrates youngsters through the colorful manual as young scientists create experiments with catchy titles such as milk rainbow, mixing colors, rainbow star, ceiling rainbow, moving colors, chromatography bookmarks, colored bubbles in oil, colored bubbles in a tube, catching a rainbow, rainbow glasses, rainbow spinner, and rainbow explosions.
Young Scientists will feel like real scientists when they use the
included colorful lab tray, measuring cup, test tubes, pipette, and funnel to perform their experiments!
Clifford The Big Red Dog Kitchen Science
Clifford knows the kitchen can be a very intriguing place beyond the place to grab snacks and

His friend Emily Elizabeth guides young scientists through captivating experiments with
catchy titles such as test tube explosion, making slime, crystal star, crystal art, milk glue,colored celery, waking up fungus, fungus eats bananas, fungus in a tube, sticky ice, upside down trick, crystal garden, and exploding volcano.
Young Scientists will feel like real scientists when
they use the included colorful lab tray, measuring cup, test tubes, and funnel to perform their experiments!

Great for parents and homeschoolers looking for an exciting way to introduce a science curriculum with fun experiments

Clifford Science Kits
What is included?
Complete Clifford Science Series includes all three Science Kits:
Clifford The Big Red Dog Bubble Science
Clifford The Big Red Dog Rainbow Science
Clifford The Big Red Dog Kitchen Science
Each kit includes:
Materials and information necessary for a range of interactive experiments: booklet,
lab tray, measuring cup, test tubes, and funnel
Why buy?
Very rare discount being offered on these science kits--- Easy to use instructions and materials---Makes an awesome gift!
Recipients of Awards such as: Creative
Child 2013 Top Toy of the Year Award, PAL Award,
Academics Choice Brain Toy Award, Tillywig Brain Child Award, Parents’ Choice Silver
Honor Award, Mr. Dad Seal of Approval Award and more!
How does the deal work?
Products will be shipped within 7
14 business days
$12.99 shipping cost
Ships to US only
All sales are final
No refunds, returns, or cancellations

Who is it for?
Kids ages 3 and up


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