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What’s With Latest Smartphone Photography Technology Lens

What does photography mean to a person? Does it simply mean clicking pictures or does it mean something more? The concept of photography is evolving every day. New types of DLSR camera are coming up with updates every other month. Even the Smartphone mobile companies are outfitting their cameras with DSLR technology that is literally changing the entire picture of photography. Now, everybody has access to professional cameras and professional photography technique.

What’s New

Recently, Sony has launched one of the finest lens accessories of the year, along with Z1 handset. One of the features that Sony is planning to come up with selling 2 stand alone sorts of lenses that can be connected with Smartphone mobiles through the help of wi-fi, making it very easy to obtain amazing quality pictures.

These devices are compatible with both iOS and Android handsets, thus making them altogether a unique and new sort of product to be categorized. This announcement has been made along with the news of launching a Smartphone that is equipped with a camera of 20.7 megapixel feature. The sensor is even larger than what usually a Smartphone sensor really is. The main plan of Sony is to ensure that the handset Z1 is accessed by a large audience than many Smartphone companies are planning to.

Not So Attractive

There are a number of speculations regarding the whole structure of the lenses. Many people are of the opinion that it might not be convenient for the common people to carry the lenses along. They are also saying that it might be pretty hard for the company to find buyers for the lenses. It is true that trade analysts along with photography experts are regarding this step a new revolution and interesting, but there also remains the risk of it being launched in the market this instant.

According to them, user will be more inclined on buying DSLR camera than buying some Smartphone mobile with additional camera options, as DSLR provides better picture quality. Many experts are also agreeing that had the price of the lens been less than 100 pounds, then photographic geeks would have definitely bought it. However, the buzz is that these lenses would be quite expensive than what normally is expected from camera lenses.


The lens is equipped with a 10x optical zoom camera, which has a resolution of 18.2 MP. The features itself proclaims that with the lens, you will be able to take pictures from close-ups and landmarks. The second lens that is QX100 is equipped with 3.6 X zoom and a mighty sensor with resolution up to 20.2 MP. The aperture of the lens is about f1.8, which means it will allow more light to get through it, which furthers ensures that the users will be able to click pictures even in low light as well as with very shallow focus option. 


The lens comes with a manual focus feature, which is not seen in other lens. Both the lens makes sure that shaky hands do not alter the image quality. They are also featured with link-up to tablet or phone option, if they do have features like NFC chip. An extendable clip is what can help the users to attach the lens with differently sized Smartphone mobiles.

Alex Mathew is a proficient author writing articles on photography, photography technology and other similar topics. He contributes regularly transfer home videos to dvd.

The Flip Side Of Obama’s Keystone XL Delay by @Steve_Horn1022

Even as President Obama cast a veneer of caution over the Keystone pipeline’s northern half, he quietly expedited dozens of similar projects. By Steve Horn | September 7, 2013
The Republican-controlled House is voting today on a measure that would strip the president’s authority on Keystone XL pipeline approval, allowing Congress to push the project through before completion of the environmental impact study. (Photo/Matt Wansley via Flickr)
While President Obama made a big deal out of delaying the northern half of the Keystone pipeline’s construction, he compensated by signing an executive order to expedite similar infrastructure projects everywhere else. (Photo/Matt Wansley via Flickr)

Large segments of the environmental movement declared a win on Jan. 18, 2012, the dawn of an election year in which partisan fervor reigned supreme.

On that day President Barack Obama kicked the can down the road for permitting TransCanada’s Keystone XL pipeline’s northern half until after the then-forthcoming November 2012 presidential election.

“Northern half” is the key caveat: just two months later, on March 22, 2013 – even deeper into the weeds of an election year – President Obama issued Executive Order 13604. Among other key things, the order has an accompanying memorandum calling for an expedited review of the southern half of Keystone XL stretching from Cushing, Okla. to Port Arthur, Texas.

The day before, March 21, Obama flew on Air Force One to a pipe yard in Cushing – the “pipeline crossroads of the world” – for a special stump speech and photo-op announcing the executive order and memorandum.
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