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The children in our home are our future. I love to look at my children’s faces and visualize their potential.  The future world they will live in is a crazy far-off dream for most of us.The direction they will take their lives has so much to do with the input they are receiving right now.

There is no dream that they cannot achieve if we, as parents and educators, let them
dream and then furnish the tools to help them make it all possible. What an awesome responsibility!

Kids who feel successful like to dig-in and work hard towards a desired result. And,
those who have had to overcome obstacles with perseverance, have the tools to change the world.

These success-traits can come from many places such as sports, hobbies, music, or even
possibly, employment.  And each also has an awesome side-effect. I believe we
should look for many ways to help our children feel successful. We should especially look for how we can do this with the best possible after-effect.

We are a sports and music-minded family, and I know that learning to play a musical
instrument on a proficient level takes a whole range of skills and wraps them
into some incredible life benefits.   Self-confidence and work ethic has sky-rocketed as we (as a family) have excelled in music.  Besides being top of the class in school, these kids love beautiful music, and they have built connections in their brain that enabled them to dream up something and then make it reality.  

I love technology!  As a home-learning family, I’m sure you do too.  The education
needed to take the future in your own hands is here!  Hug your kids, and give them permission to dream.Then give them the tools, resources, and discipline to make it reality.

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Recently I had joined a site called Vocabulary SpellingCity and it has been a great addition to our homeschool curriculum. What you do is pick a list or make a list and the site will make games, test and also teach the words to the child. Since Heaven isn't able to fully read just yet I work with her. I make list related to words that we are learning such as the "at" family and together we take the test. She also liked the game HangMouse a lot.

They have vocab list for any grade all the way to highschool. A few things they also offer are:


Teachers: They have Parent Letters available as a PDF for you to print and send home with your students' spelling word lists.
If you're looking to for something to help with vocabulary or spelling this is a great addition to anyone's classroom.
You can visit Vocabulary Spelling City at their site or check out Pinterest, Facebook or Twitter

e-Shakti Spring Collection Review

With Spring inching it's way here I was delighted when e-Shakti asked me to do a review for their Spring Collection. I have worked with this company in the past and I have also shopped here for Christmas gifts. The hardest time I have on the site is not wanting to purchase everything! The designs are great and everything I have bought or received has been able to be accessorized with fairly easy.

After narrowing it down to my three favorite choices I picked this beautiful bow-tied poplin shirtdress. It's lightweight and looks great alone or with a sweater jacket for chilly spring days. Here I'm using black but I can see white looking better as well.

They now offer size 0-36W (and of course Custom sizes and styles as always).  They also provide options to remove/include embroidery, pockets or other embellishments on their products.
An exclusive Bridesmaids line has just been introduced as well.
They now have a customer gallery where images that customers (and bloggers) have shared with them are shown.

You can visit e-Shakti by visiting their webpage, Facebook, Twitter, or Pinterest 

Things I've Learned From Homeschooling

When my daughter was 2 1/2 I began schooling her. A lot of people thought I was crazy but Heaven was a child that wanted to learn and enjoyed our Tot School time. This year her 3 year old brother joined us and started Preschool. Heaven is 4 and has been doing a Kindergarten curriculum. This September she will be ready for 1st grade and her brother will start Kinder age 4. Over these past couple years I've learned a few things and thought I would share.

When To Start

When I first started schooling, I had this picture in my head and it looked a lot like a public school day. There would be mornings I would say OK it's _ 0'clock and I'd be ready to start and my kids would be cranky. This would start the whole day off bad. Lets face it some days we wake up and we don't want to do anything that early in the a.m.

Over time it dawned on me that I homeschool and can start at ANYTIME. This isn't a public school, why should they have to be ready to learn at 8am because I am. I started waiting to start school till around 10am and it has made so much of a difference. We haven't had a meltdown and the kids are actually excited when it's time to start school. Start the school day when you feel the kids are awake and ready.

When A Child Isn't Understanding The Material

There are some things in my daughters curriculum that she isn't able to understand when I read it. If I see she isn't understanding something, I find another way to teach it. Maybe the child knows the material but just doesn't understand what you are explaining. When I have a lesson my daughter doesn't understand I usually take it to the projector and find a way to make a game out of it. If you don't have a projector you can always make a game with objects around your house..exp a deck of playing cards can teach a lot of things.

If The Child Just Isn't Ready

SKIP IT. If a lesson comes along and I tried new ways of teaching and they just don't understand..come back later on in the year and try again. Some kids may have trouble with certain things and that's OK. There's nothing wrong with moving on, all kids are different and they will eventually learn don't stress it.

Go With The Flow And Never Compare

In life we tend to always compare and homeschooling is no different. It's so easy to read some blogs and think, "wow she really has it all together!" The truth is..NO ONE does. Everyone has different life situations and different families. It's easy to write a great blog post, talk about all the great things in your life BUT behinds the scenes is always a different picture. It's your family and life so do what's best for you and yours. Make the time you have something to remember and don't get lost in the jealousy pool.


When searching for a curriculum, look for one that is right for your family. Just because your favorite blogger says her child is thriving with a certain program doesn't mean, it will work the same with your child. You know your child.. if they are hands on, pick something hands on and vice versa.  Sometimes that means switching curriculum a few times till you can find the right one. Just make sure you do your research and read lots of reviews.

Bad Days

Everyone has bad days, whether it be an adult, child or baby..we do. Homeschooling comes with a lot of perks. If you or the kids are having a bad day, maybe a bad mood or sickness, take the day off. Kids can still learn through play and missed work can always be made up. Take the day off and recharge..tomorrow is a new day!

I'm not an expert just a homeschool mom who has tried many things =)

Delish M&M KitKat Cake

While browsing Pinterest I came across a delish looking picture. At 1st I thought it was going to be hard to make but after revising the recipe, it was super easy to make and very tasty.

What You Need

  • 2 boxes cake mix (preferably anything but chocolate)
  • 2 round cake pans
  • 2 cans frosting
  • 2 large packs KitKat candy bars
  • 1 large bag M&M's
  • Ribbon is optional

What I Did

I made each cake and let them cool for a 1/2 hour before frosting

Once cool remove cake number 1 and frost it

Set cake number 2 on top and frost it all the way around as well

Once cake is frosted, break KitKats 2 bars a piece and begin to line them around the cake

Make sure you have a lot of frosting as it helps hold the KitKats on

When you are finished frosting and lining, add in the M&M's to cover the top.

Add a ribbon around the cake and you're finished!

Total Time
2 1/2- 3 hours including the cool time

If you would like to bake this cake from scratch or see the original idea, click here

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Vocabulary Spelling City

I've been given a Premium Membership to for a candid, personal, online review.

VocabularySpellingCity helps students study word lists using 25 different learning activities such as Unscramble, Hangman, WordFind, and Crossword Puzzle. Parents can create their own spelling lists, find published lists already available on the site, or use any of dozens of free teaching resources on topics such as Multiple Meaning Words and Possessive Nouns . Be sure to come back in three weeks to read about my experience.
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