5 Reasons Why Sports Can Boost your Child's Self-Esteem (Guest Post)

Growing up can be a challenge for children, as they constantly deal with new experiences and interactions with others. In an ideal world, all children would get along, supporting and consoling each other. However, this is often not the case – many children suffer from low self-esteem, which can stem from a variety of sources.

If you’re looking for a way to boost your children’s self-esteem, encourage them to take up a sport. Opportunities to stay active and play with others can give kids chances to boost their confidence, self-assurance, and comfort around peers. The following are several reasons why self-esteem and sports share a clear connection:

1.    Success-based Activity
With sports, there are a variety of ways in which tangible successes can be achieved. Whether by completing laps in a pool, scoring a goal or hitting a home-run, nearly every sport has a clear definition for success. Allowing your children to gain these achievements can be an excellent way to boost their self-esteem, as it gives them a chance to succeed through their own actions. Whenever your child meets his or her goals, make sure that you positively reinforce them with encouraging words or praise, as this can further boost their confidence and belief in themselves.

2.    Keeps Them in Shape
A positive body image is an important component of self-esteem, as it gives children confidence and a better attitude about themselves. With an optimistic view about their physical self, children will struggle less with how they feel and interact with others. Ultimately, sports are a great way to nurture self-worth, as they encourage kids to stay fit and in shape. Whether through swimming, running, or organized activities, sports offer the ability to keep children both physically and mentally healthy.

3.    Connect with Peers
With organized sports such as soccer or baseball, children have the chance to interact with others of the same age. This opportunity will give your child the chance to connect with like-minded individuals and build healthy relationships with friends.  From these interactions, children are able to boost their confidence and self-esteem.

4.    Decreased Bullying
One of the causes of low self-esteem among children is bullying. Teasing and cruel remarks from peers can be relentless, and can quickly take a toll on an adolescent’s self-esteem. However, sports can serve as a buffer against harmful words and bullying. As mentioned before, sports can allow children to achieve a stronger body image, as well as the ability to connect with others. From these actions, they are able to gain confidence and self-reliance, making the effects of bullying less severe.

5.    A Healthy Outlet
Throughout the growing up stage, children are encouraged to try a variety of behaviors, some good and some bad. However, by guiding your children towards sports, you can help them develop their self-esteem and personality through a healthy outlet. Instead of risky behaviors that can result from peer pressure and other sources, sports can help your children grow and develop positive habits for the rest of their lives.

Brett Callan is a writer for Murray Callan, where their Mission Beach swim lessons offer customized support for children throughout San Diego. He loves to enjoy the San Diego weather whenever he can, whether from the beach or at a pool.

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Teach your Child a Beginning Swim Lesson- Guest Post

Swimming is an enormous exercise for everyone especially for children. Swimming helps children in many ways like it helps them in keeping them healthy as well as help in growing fast and gaining a good height. It is also a good way for having fun as well as removing stress and tiredness too. Swimming has many benefits that are why everyone wants to learn swimming. Sometimes it becomes a life saver for you as well as for many other peoples. It is a skill which stays for whole life with you. Now we are going to discuss about what are the beginning swim lessons you have to teach your child.

Over Coming The Fear

The first and foremost thing is that you have to try to make your child comfortable with water. The first thing or lesson is to teach them to win against their fear if they have any kind for water. Help them or teach them to go slowly and firmly into the water without feeling any kind of fear. It will help them in learning quickly as they will not be dependent on you for landing in water. But on the other hand safety is very important you must look after them carefully while the whole training session to avoid any unexpected or unfavorable situation.

Making Bubbles
After getting into the water the next step or lesson is to teach your child is to make bubbles. For this purpose you can show them a example how a motorboat works, or you can play a game with them in which they have to act as a motorboat. This is the easiest way to teach them about making bubbles in the water. It is a well known fact that children learn more quickly while playing. In case to a sport it is quite obvious that they can learn it by playing different and interesting game related to that game.

The next and the foremost beginning lesson you must teach your child is kicking. As we all know the skill of this game is totally depends upon how effectively as well as efficiently you can kick in the water. You must teach them to kick by using their hip instead of their knees as it is the very important stroke or technique of swimming. It is very important for you to take proper care about their safety; you must hold them properly from one side while they are practicing kicking.

Leave them in water
When they learn kicking perfectly start leaving them slowly into the water. Help them in facing the water as well as practice their skill into the real field. You have to be more carefully at this time as they are new and still learning to explore the water world. You have to be with them on each and every movement of them.
Swimming does not require any specialty it only requires is patience, skill or technique along with practice to learn. If you can make it fun it will become easy to teach your kids.

About the author: Alia is a blogger by profession. She loves writing, reading and traveling. Beside this she is fond of luxury cars and wishes to own one day Cadillac CTS V.


In my home we run out of ingredients pretty quick so a lot of times I have to think of ideas. I came up with the easiest idea ever and it is AMAZING. I've shared this tasty treat with 2 other people besides my kids (and they don't get much)!!! My 19yr old cousin called me for the recipe and is now making it for himself =)


1/4 Butter or Oil (Canola)
1/4 cup Sugar
1c Flour
1tsp of Salt, Vanilla Extract, Nutmeg and Baking Soda
2 Bananas (Mashed) *I put them in a baggie and squeeze them


Preheat oven to 350
Mix butter (oil) and sugar till creamy
Add in all other ingredients and stir 
Pour batter into pan and bake for 45 mins (test with tooth pick )
Once cooked sprinkle with cinnamon and sugar

That's it!! Make sure you make enough because it is GREAT

picture w/out cinnamon and sugar

That's it!!! Enjoy and make extra because EVERYONE WILL WANT SOME!!

Firmoo Sunglasses/Glasses Review

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For my review I picked a pair of rectangular shape- metal frame glasses for my husband.  He is very selective with glasses so I was a bit nervous. Once the sunglasses arrived any doubt I had vanished. They look GREAT and are not flimsy and cheap looking! Along with the glasses, I was also sent a case, carrying pouch, lens cleaner and a tool with extra pieces, case I need to fix them. The glasses are very stylish and even my husband is happy with them. Another great thing about the company is they offer both prescription and non prescription glasses. Now you can look good and be comfortable for an awesome price! If you are worried that you might not like the way they look on you the company offers a virtual "try it on" so you can upload a picture and get an idea of what you will look like.

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Signazon Review

This past week I received an invite from a friend to attend her Halloween party. A few minutes after I told her I wouldn't be able to attend, I got an email for a review and couldn't help but think this would be an awesome fit for her.

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Signazon.com makes everything from Window Graphics to Yard Signs and Vinyl Banners.

For my review I picked a Halloween themed banner to go with my friends Halloween Party. It was super easy to design and the fact they have pre-designed templates to choose from made it that much quicker for me.

The Product

It looks GREAT and I am 100% sure my friend will love it as well. My 4yr old wanted to keep and hang it up so I assume she liked it too.It's a perfect size and the colors were bright. This picture doesnt do it justice.

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Homeschool High School Extracurricular Events-Guest Post

When you decide to homeschool high school there are a few things that people assume you sacrifice as a result. You may experience people questioning you about sports, about college, about scholarship, and about socialization. The weirdest question I have received is probably, “what about prom?” My response is, “Yeah…what about prom?” The reason I find the question somewhat strange is because I know that homeschoolers who want to have a prom can create one!

Just like you can be creative and unique with the structure of your homeschool you can be creative and unique with homeschool events too! I have heard about quite a few different homeschool “high school dance” events. A homeschool group in my area planned a large group get together for homeschool families and it was a great success. When I was homeschooling my sons we didn’t have a prom, but when my son went to college he planned a Jane Austen style dance at his school called “Pemberly Ball”.  If you have students that are Jane Austen fans, that could be a fun theme for your homeschool prom!  If you don’t want to does all the planning yourself you can locate an English Country Dancing group near you.

If dancing doesn’t sound like something that would be a good fit for your local homeschool community, you could always put together a formal dinner. You could do it at home or at a nice restaurant. It can be fun to give your students a chance to dress up and practice manner and mingling skills that will benefit them in their future. If you want to be really creative try a progressive dinner or mystery dinner theatre! Don’t be afraid to claim the joy of homeschooling in social activities as well as schooling. Your children aren’t discouraged from or left without socialization opportunities just because they are homeschooled!

The same goes for other extracurricular events that some people may assume you aren’t a part of just because you are homeschooled. You can enroll your students in city sports leagues or club teams and multiple other opportunities that aren’t available to students who are public schooled. As far as college is concerned I’m convinced that homeschooling high school is the best preparation for college and for life! Above all you are the guidance counselor for your homeschool students and your job is to teach them to love learning and if you do that they will succeed in whatever they do!

Author Bio
Lee Binz is a homeschooling expert and the founder of Comprehensiverecordsolution.com. She successfully homeschooled her two sons and currently help many parents in homeschooling their kid.



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