Nature's Hand Authentic Granola Review

I love granola so when I received an email to review Nature's Hand Granola I was pretty stoked. I'll be honest and say I didn't use it in a recipe b/c I ate all of both bags right from the bag. I did put the blueberry flavor in my Cinnamon Toast Crunch (dont judge it was good). The granola was not only delish but it was healthy. Overall I am completely satisfied with it and would purchase it on my own.

About The Product

"For the first time in the Company’s 40-year history, Nature’s American Co. is bringing something new to the table.  While many granolas are loaded with preservatives, sugar, sodium or trans fats, Nature’s Hand granola was created for health-conscious consumers who still love the taste of authentic granola, and uses only the world’s finest ingredients.
The new product, which features an improved texture and more clustered blend, is made with roasted oats and wheat, tasty nuts and seeds and delicately sweetened with caramelized brown sugar and honey.  Nature’s Hand uses only premium all-natural ingredients like soy oil, which is full of fiber, protein and antioxidants.  The brand is low in sugar and contains no artificial colors or flavors, preservatives, cholesterol, trans fats or sodium."
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I was given Nature's Hand Granola to try in exchange for my honest opinion in a review. The opinions expressed in reviews on this site are mine and always honest.

7 Simple Ways to Reduce Pregnancy-Related Sciatica GUEST POST

Tips to help expectant moms manage lower back attacks

Pregnancy-related sciatica typically occurs during the second and third trimester of pregnancy and it’s caused by a baby’s position in the mother’s womb. During this time, the baby is growing larger and sits in a lower position in the abdomen. Pregnancy-related sciatica occurs when the baby's head presses against the mother's sciatic nerves, which run down the spine and into the pelvis and upper leg area, causing shooting pains or paralyzing numbness in the lower back, buttocks, or down the backs of the thighs.

The pain can be severe and demobilizing, and unfortunately, there's no prescription to remedy sciatica. Little that can be done to prevent the onset of sciatica or relieve the pain completely until the baby is born. Ordering cheap drugs online from a Canadian Pharmacy is an option but this may require a prescription from your doctor. The good news is there are many ways to help ease the severity of sciatic attacks without drugs, including:

1.    Chiropractic adjustments - As a woman’s abdomen grows as their baby grows, mom’s back can become weakened and unstable. Regular chiropractic adjustments can promote blood flow and relieve mild to severe sciatica throughout pregnancy.

2.    Regular exercise - Expectant moms who exercise regularly may handle the sciatica discomforts better than those who don’t exercise at all. Why is this? Women with good muscle tone will have better back support as their pregnancy progresses.

3.    Soft tissue prenatal massage – will work tense muscles loose and help create a larger range of motion during a sciatica attack. A gentle prenatal massage conducted weekly by an RMT can reduce stress on mom’s weight-bearing joints and encourage proper posture, which can reduce sciatica attacks.

4.    Applying alternate hot and cold - Soothing heat alternated with an ice pack will help calm muscle and nerve spasms during a sciatica attack.

5.    Wear flat shoes – High heels or shoes that take your weight on your heels may cause additional strain on your lower back and worsen sciatica.

6.    Sleep on your side not on your tummy – Sleeping on your side with pillows rolled up under the knees puts less stress on your back. It also supports your back when you get out of bed if you rise from one side and then pull your body into an upright sitting position, provoking fewer sciatica spasms.

7.    Pelvic tilts - While there is no real cure for sciatica, pelvic tilt exercises can offer some relief by stretching the length of the path that the sciatic nerve travels, which starts in the piraformis, located in the buttocks, and runs down the hamstring and the calf muscles. Pelvic tilts take pressure off the sciatic muscle and also prepares the muscles of pregnant woman for giving birth. To do a proper pelvic tilt:

•    Lay on the floor with your knees bent at 90-degrees and your feet flat on the floor
•    Check to see if you can slide your hand between your low back and the floor
•    Inhale first and tilt your pelvis up towards the ceiling as you exhale until you get a nice stretch in your low back
•    Exhale and let the spine and pelvis return to their original position

Bio: Bernice Spradlin is an avid hiker and runner. She works at a gym as in Brooklyn, New York, where she gets great inspiration for her freelance health-related articles and blogs. In her off time, you can often find Bernice jogging the East River path along the waterfront and enjoying the cool breeze.

Why Men Should Stay Well Groomed- Guest Post

Why Men Should Stay Well Groomed
A well groomed man makes a great first impression. Appearance matters, whether you are in a business or social setting. Fair or not, people tend to make judgments about your character based on how you look. Prospective employers are strongly influenced by grooming when making hiring decisions. If you show up to a job interview with shaggy hair, ragged fingernails and wrinkled clothes, chances are the job is going to some other guy, even though you may be the most qualified candidate. Interviewers presume that if you are slovenly in your personal habits, you are most likely lazy and lack motivation.  
Men who are attractive and well groomed actually earn higher salaries. A researcher from the Fairleigh Dickson University in North America conducted a study to determine if appearance had any influence on starting salaries. Identical resumes were sent to over a thousand employers accompanied by a picture of the male applicant. Prospective employers were asked what the starting salary would be, should the applicant be successful. In half the pictures the applicant had been given a makeover, so he had a very professional and polished appearance. The starting salary replies that the applicant received pre-makeover were more than twenty percent lower than those quoted for his more polished self.
Although attractive, well groomed men don’t perform projects or tasks any better than their less well groomed counterparts, studies have shown that they are perceived to be more reliable, credible and productive. They also have been shown to be much more effective in persuading others simply by virtue of their appearance. These biases can work in your favor. By simply improving your appearance, you can change the way people perceive everything else that you do.
When you make the effort to present yourself in the most appealing manner possible, it’s also a source of personal pride that can have an amazing effect on your self confidence. When you catch a glimpse of yourself in mirrors or windows, something that happens as often as fifty times a day, don’t you feel great if you’re looking your best? Although there is no hard data to support the theory that attractive well groomed people are actually happier and more satisfied with their lives, it would seem to follow that being more self confident, being perceived favorably by others or even earning a better salary, may lead to a greater feeling of happiness and fulfillment.
Good grooming plays a critical role when it comes to attracting the opposite sex. In Maxim magazine’s annual sex survey, several thousand women were asked “What’s the biggest potential turn off when meeting a man?” The top response was bad hygiene. Women are turned off by men who don’t look good and smell good. Things like body odor, bad breath, dirty fingernails or hair, and ill-fitting sloppy clothes that haven’t been laundered recently are enough to send most women running in the opposite direction.
If you want to be taken seriously in today’s world, you need to be confident, masculine, stylish and well groomed. Make the effort to be the best possible version of yourself.

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