Miller Vein Contest

Do you or someone you know suffer from unsightly spider veins? Miller Vein's in Michigan is hosting a contest on their facebook page for 3 spider vein treatments and just for entering you receive a free consultation at one of their Michigan clinics.

About The Company

  • Miller Vein utilizes the most cutting edge and state-of-the-art, minimally invasive venous treatments that will have you walking out the door within an hour! No incisions, sutures or stitches necessary
  • Board Certified Interventional Radiologists and Phlebologists who only specialize in the treatment of spider veins, varicose veins and other venous conditions.
  • You will be able to achieve your ultimate goal of beautiful legs. Without surgery. Minus pain. In a matter of weeks and at affordable fees.
  • 3 locations (Novi,Dearborn and Troy)

*Must be a Michigan Resident to enter. Visit Miller Vein on Facebook to enter.

Music Monday


This week is songs we are thankful for. I picked a song from a up and coming artist b/c I am thankful for those artist that are trying to make there way in the music biz.

His name is Fabian and I hope you will take the chance to listen to what he has to offer =)

Hope you enjoy and thanks for listening. Have a Happy Thanksgiving and if traveling be safe.

My Own Pet Balloons

"There are approximately 52 million Americans with disabilities in the United States and about one percent use service dogs. With a higher demand than supply, canine assistance programs often impose disability or age-specific requirements along with waiting periods of up to 10 years. Children with disabilities under the age of 12 are often the ones denied training assistance dogs."


With the season of giving upon us you may be wondering how you can help. Right now for EVERY balloon you purchase from My Own Pet Balloons they will donate $5.00 to Canines for Kids

The balloons are made from high quality material and can be filled and refilled by a quick trip to the supermarket. My toddlers love balloons as I'm sure most do and would love these. Keep them busy for hours with a pet balloon =)

It's a great cause so stop by and take a look!

Disclaimer- I was in no way compensated for this post. I simply agreed to write it based on it being for a good cause. Happy Holidays =)

Sponsers is currently looking to sponsor up with more companies . If interested feel free to contact me at