Things I love Thursdays

I LOVE.......

Trying to potty train a 2 year old (yea right, I kid)

When people catch me Facebooking

TJ's face when he seen the horse

And when Heaven looks like this

and not this......

and I love love love this pic

( TJ w/ his brother and Uncle)

Molding Clay

To help w/ our quest to learn colors we used clay today.


Bought some clay from the dollar store in different colors

Made some bugs by rolling the clay into balls

And let them play!!

quack quack!!

What I meant to Say


First I will say that my mom is medicated due to nerve problems, heavily medicated. I give her our daily call cause we talk everyday or at least try to. Anyhow I call her and she's on the way to the Doctors so we had a few minutes to catch up. Mom says "when are you going to the Eminem Concert?"
I say "It's September 2nd at Comerica Park. We have pretty nice seats so I'm excited"
Mom says " You better not let people rush the stage"

I say " I don't think we will have to worry about that"

WHAT I MEANT TO SAY- Why would you even say that. It's Eminem not Rage Against The Machine. What if Detroit was really as crazy as you seem to think and did want to rush the stage. How the hell would I stop them?!? I'm not sure what kind of Concerts you went to but I never been to a Hip Hop Concert where someone was dumb enough to rush the stage. Here in Detroit w/ it being Rappers you'd probably be shot in the process.  So don't worry about us mom we wont be run over by outta control fans (or so I hope)

*Wordless Wednesday* -Future Heart Breaker

Spicy Chicken Pitas

We found something new to try b/c we were sick of the same ole dinners. It's been a long time since I've had a pita so we searched some recipes then made our own.


Chicken 1lb
Pita Bread
Green Pepper
Red Pepper
Mushrooms (optional)
Crushed Red Peppers
All Purpose Seasoning
Red Hot
Cajun Seasoning 
Garlic Powder
Cayenne Pepper


Cut Chicken into pieces

Cut up Onions, Both Red and Green Pepper and Mushrooms

Put butter in pan and cook the Mushrooms

Cook Chicken in Skillet over Med Heat and mix in Seasoning

Once Chicken is fully cooked mix in veggies

Heat up Pita and top w/ cheese and hot sauce

Thanks to Hubby for dinner

Monday Minute

Monday Minute

Has anyone you've known personally lived to at least 100? Nope maybe in the 90's but def not 100

What material possession do you value the most?
My computer!! As sad as this might sound it is my life line. (and the tickets I got for the Eminem/Jayz concert)

What do you think happens to us after we die?
I think you go to Heaven but my husband says different. See here

Most embarrassing item in your house?
All I will say is it's made by Durex =)

and finally...
If you could rename yourself, what would your name be? I'd pick something crazy like Summer..besides it sounding like a stripper name it's pretty

Lazy Mom Pudding Pops

I got this great tip from Stacy at I'm a Lazy Mom .If your lazy like myself then this is a great tip for making the kids summer treats.


I bought some different flavored pudding cups today


Put in some Popsicle sticks

and set them in the freezer till frozen, then served them

Moms Homemade Banana Pancakes

I didn't have any mix to make pancakes and was lucky to find a recipe called Dads Homemade Pancakes. After I started making them I realized I didn't have syrup so I added a banana and made them Mom's Homemade Banana Pancakes. They are so good and you don't even need syrup

What You Need

1 c. flour
1 tbsp. baking powder
1/2 tsp. baking soda
2 tbsp. vegetable oil
3 tbsp. sugar
1 c. milk
1 egg
1/2 tsp. salt
1 Banana

What To Do

Combine dry ingredients

Add milk, egg and oil

Mash a Banana and toss it and and mix

Have your husband cook them at med heat using 1/4 mix

Add powdered sugar and serve


Love em Love em Love em

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7 Things About Me

I hate Seafood

Currently I am locked in a bedroom so I can type this w/ out interuptions

I love wife beater tank tops I wear them everyday

I layer my tank tops

I think of the computer allll the time

I want to go camping w/ no kids

I wake up EARLY

I Must Not Get Out Much

Since I've had the babies I'll admit we don't go out in big crowds very often. W/ it being the 4th of July and my MIL and the kids in town we decided fireworks would be good ....Now here's a secret for Ian, I'm a "people watcher" . I don't think of it as being a judgmental b*tch so try not to either.

Anyhow we start out at 5:30pm and I'm nervous cause TJ goes to bed at 6:30 and Heaven hasn't had a nap but it's fireworks so it's part of the mom job to suck it up and go. We got parked and into the park by 6:00 and there was hardly anyone there.

We walk down by the entry way of the pier and grabbed seats right next to the sidewalk. So now everyone that wants to walk on the pier has to walk past us. As I'm watching all the high school kids and checkin out there style, I noticed it was "flash back Friday" and everyone has went back to the 80's. When did this happen !?!

Maybe it was the boy I seen, rockin skinny jeans, w/ a Kate Gosslien do, that he died pink or the girl w/ spiky bangs and pink animal print that gave me this idea, either way this caught my attention and I found my self putting on my sun glasses so I could watch the people passing by. I swear it was like the Jerry Springer show minus Jerry.

I'm sitting on the blanket w/ all the kids and this moron feels the need to show off for his girl friend and climbs on the fence. I at that point pulled my camera out to tape it just in case he fell..prob pretty shitty of me but he was to old to be a dumb ass

The bench you see in front of us in the video was the "break up" bench. As I was showing Heaven the boats some skeezy felt the need to call her boyfriend " a fu*kin lair" OVER AND OVER again.  Then the next couple sits down and the guy this time feels the need to yell " I DIDNT F*CKING DO ANYTHING" to his girlfriend.

After 5 hours of skinny jeans, spandex, spiked bangs, mo' hawks, and crazy people that should not be together the fireworks started 

I was holding TJ when I got the feeling he pee'd thru his diaper. Then the stinch started seeping out into the air. After looking around and hoping no one would notice I went for it and thought I could change him before anyone would know...WTH was I thinking..skip to 5 hours before when I packed the diaper bag and only thru in the small pack of  wipes, and no extra clothes cause I didn't think I'd need them.

As soon as I open his diaper it just sets this foul smell out into the crowd. As fast as I could I got him changed and set him down. The smell of shit was still lingering and I look down and it's on my hand. OK how the hell did this happen. Then I look and it's all over the blanket. O MAN

I look at the back of TJ's shirt and he has it all over him. All up his back to his arm pit and I now have no wipes, in the middle of a sea of people, stinkin everyone out. I took TJ's shirt off that I loved so much and threw it away, dumped water on a diaper and washed him off,,,the whole way home we could smell shit and poor TJ was just poop'd after that

I figure in the end I received my karma for talking about people and was shitted on so now I can at least blog about it =)


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This week we used colored craft sticks to help w/ colors.


Get different colored craft sticks (we got ours from the dollar store)

Pick 2 colors and line them up in rows

and have them put the colors in a pile

Very easy yet fun for them

Things I love Thursdays

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I love.........

When TJ tries to tell me he's done taking pictures

Heavens new shirt from Grandma Holly

When Ben-e thinks he's a baby and takes a pacifier

The picture I borrowed from someones blog and now I cant remember who it was (sorry)

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