Things I love Thursdays

I <3 .........

When people shut the bathroom door so I don't find Heaven like this...

When JJ shaved his bangs w/ a razor after my husband cut his hair....

But I love his face after my husband had to fix it....

When the month of October comes and I spend the whole month dressed like this , hiding so I can scare my husband, JJ and my sisters kids....

The bottom of my Father In Laws pool


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*Wordless Wednesdays*

It's my little mans 1st Birthday today!!!!!!!!!!!


My last baby is now a toddler =(

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Tackle it Tuesday

This week is operation ANTS!!! I have the a problem going on here. Ever since I moved in my house last Summer it has been the Twilight Zone around here.

From the big creatures that are gutsy enough to come out in the middle of the day
(Don't be alarmed that's just a Raccoon not a baby Bear..hahah)

To the crazy bee's and wasp I had. They would drop out of the sky and die out of nowhere

But now I have BLACK ANTS!!!

It's gross and I cant stop them!!! As of today I haven't seen any alive but I need a new product cause this crap does NOT work

It has been quite funny though I must say, watching a 2 year old play w/ an ant..check out the videos

Round 1

 Round 2

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This weeks color will be YELLOW!!!! This is one of Heavens favorite colors so it should be easy for her to learn.


Everyone has these crappy flowers in their yard so might as well use them for something productive...

I got an old gift box (I also used paper and it worked)....

Then had Heaven pull the heads off....

and we colored w/ them... I know you cant see it in the picture but it was showing up on the paper..

I Heart Faces-Smiles

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Paint The Baby

TJ never gets to do projects w/ us because he's still so young. Today for Sundays Family Night, I thought of something TJ could do w/ us.  


I laid a towel down and set TJ on it...

Got out the GREEN paint cause it's the color of the week...

and we painted the baby!!!

TJ loved it, he doesn't get to be center of attention to much w/ Heaven around. It was a great activity to control Heavens jealousy. Clean up was simple, just a wet wash cloth.

Making Strides Breast Cancer Walk 2010

We began our journey at 5am this morning. It was super cold (45 degrees) and to make it better it was raining. My husband and I agreed no matter we would remain in a good mood. On the way there we had got lost like usual but John remained calm the whole time.

I thought w/ Heaven having to get up at that early that she would be in a crappy mood but her and TJ were GREAT. I had packed some stuff "just in case" I needed it to calm them down but they never made a peep. I think they were taking everything in. They don't get out much so I could see how this could be overwhelming for them.

(this balloon was a life saver)

When we got there, we went strait to the registration tent. I just want to add for anyone who has never walked before..Registration is SUPER easy. We walked right up, handed them the forms and money, and were done.

(this was when we 1st arrived before the walk)

Over 1,000 people attended. We were in the front of the walk...

and once I looked back....
There was a Sea of people coming..

Everything was going good up until I seen what was ahead of me..
Yup we had to cross it. Not only was I scared to death cause I hate bridges but this was a Historic Bridge so you know it's old. John tells me I have to cross it and offers to hold my As I'm walking across the old boards I feel them moving and all I can think about was the rushing water under me. At that point I watched the peoples steps in front of me so I could see what boards were moving. After for ever we finally made it off that bridge..

Funny thing is my kids were great but the people who were in front of us the whole time, that we couldn't seem to pass, had a super cranky 8 month old. So the whole walk we heard crying just glad it wasn't my kids. At one point Heaven even yelled "NOO STOP CRYIN"

45 degrees, rain and an hour later w/ no meltdowns we finished the walk!!!!

 Once we were back in the park they had a snack tent so Heaven was in Heaven when she got to have a "whole" banana.

TJs camera shy and wasnt feeling "after"

It was a great day even w/ the rain. If you haven't walked I encourage you too do so. It only took an hour, registration was a breeze, and it's for a GREAT cause!!

This has been my husband since we got home
Shh lets not tell

Shopping w/ Toddlers

Today my husband got a check from the Insurance Company for the TV. Lightning struck and it ruined his expensive TV he loves so much so today we went shopping for the new one. Everyday I lay Heaven down for "quiet time" but seldom does she actually fall asleep.

It's more like I put her in the playroom, then she intentionally destroys everything in the room, poops, and takes her diaper off. NEVER FAILS it's like Ground Hog Day.
Today was no different but we had no choice but to take her b/c we needed lots of other things from the store.

It's 4:30pm when we finally make it out of the house. Heaven always starts off great. As soon as she see's her shoes, she starts screaming "PRINCESS PRINCESS" (she has Disney Princess shoes) BUT that all seems to change the moment she see's a building. It doesn't matter if it's a store or restaurant, it's like a switch goes off and I have a monster.

Today I tried something new and instead of putting her in a cart, where she's looking at me, I brought her stroller. It was going good, I had manged to avoid any isle that might set the princess off. Then my husband says we need baby food..ok no problem, she's not going to freak out over jar food.

Guess what turns out the baby food isle is the sippy cup isle too..LOVELY..took 1.2 seconds for Heaven to start screaming "DORWAAA DORWAAAA" (Dora) ..not only is she screaming loud enough for everyone to hear her but she's trying to throw herself out of the stroller as well. My husband says she cant have the cup, cause were not going to get her something everywhere we go.

I thought she was bad in the isle till I tried to remove her from the isle. At that moment Satan had possessed my princess and replaced her w/ someone else. I look back to give my husband the evil eye for not just getting the cup and he's already laughing and walking away w/ TJ. I say screw this obviously b/c I'm the one w/ the crazy child so I hand her a cheap Princess cup.....

O Hell someone shoot me now...NOOOOO DORWAAAAAAAAAAAA DORWAAAAAAAAA. Her screaming continued 4 more isle till my husband took the cup away and threw it in the stroller. After 5 minutes the loud screech was more of a whimper. OK were safe right all we had to do was eye out the path that would get us to the food w/ no meltdown.

I was walking so fast I might as well of ran through the store. We make it to the milk and my husband gets a call and just stops everything and starts talking on his phone..UMMM hello do you remember our daughter so while she was palnning her freak out for the check out lane I grabbed so Cheerio mix. YUP I'm the mom that feeds my kid in the store to keep them quiet.

Now as I'm in line feeding her I feel a "look" from someone so I look up and the guy and the lane next to me is giving me the LOOK now it wasnt like a "how youuuu doin" look it was more like that SOB was judging me for having to feed my kid in the store. He rolled his eyes at me and turned back around and put his hand on his well behaved 7 year old.

So ya I guess I don't really have a point to this story just curious if anyone else has had to open food to keep kids

Edited to add: before we left the store I put the cup back =)

Things I love Thursdays


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With that said I <3....

When TJ isn't sick and unhappy

When Heaven keeps this look off her face...

When my husband puts the garbage away so this guy isn't at my door...

Trying to make my kids all take a picture

That's it for this week, stay tuned :)

Earth Day 2010

Now that Heaven is old enough I thought it was a great year to start teaching her about Earth Day.

What We Did:

We have Pizza once a week here so there is always a pizza box on hand. I took off the top of the box b/c it's clean and let Heaven paint using the color of the week.

Next we got an idea from a friend to plant using a milk jug so I looked up instructions and found a new blog. Thanks to the blog Reading with Hannah Heaven and I learned how to plant w/ milk containers.

Take an empty jug...

Cut out the side...

I used small seeds so I put them on a napkin.. poke holes in the bottom of the jug for drainage...

Then we went outside and filled it w/ dirt..

So hopefully it works and we grow some more Chives

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